Top 5 Online File Storage Service Provider in 2017

Storing files online is the need of the hour as it offers high security, availability, and global access to your data. The growing reach of the Internet and the advent of Cloud computing, businesses have been firmly moving away from the traditional storage system and embracing the Cloud for storing their business critical data. There are several firms out there providing online file storage services. The service providers create a secure environment wherein sharing of any files, be it photos, audio, text or videos becomes pretty easy.

Online file storage services providers simplify your digital life. They provide you the advantage of anywhere, anytime access to your files while reducing the requirements of local storage by putting your files on their own servers.

All of these providers offer seamless access to your critical data from wherever you are by making use of an Internet-enabled device. You no longer require being in your office to view your files. You can, rather, access them sitting in your home or from holiday destinations with Cloud syncing. If you haven’t yet stored your data in the Cloud, do it today. It’s an inevitable business activity towards securing your important data. So far the best online file storage provider is concerned, it entirely depends on your business specific needs, such as the – type of files to be stored, the level of security you want, whether you wish to collaborate with other users, and which devices would you use to access and edit your files. Moreover, it also depends on how tech-savvy you are as some services are easy-to-use, while others are highly customized that require you to be a seasoned geek.

Top-5 Online File Storage Services

Being into this wonderful technology for over a decade, I tested and experienced the services of dozens of online file storage provider, based on which I have enlisted top 5 online file storage providers in 2017. These providers are among those we have conducted tests upon, hence there is always the possibility to be even better providers. During their tests, we evaluated several factors crucial for choosing the best online storage provider that include, feature sets, price, stability, and user-friendliness.

Here’s the list of top-5 online file storage services providers:

  1. DataBaGG: DataBaGG’s strong focus is on the privacy and affordability, which are the biggest factors that make it in the top -5 online file storage providers’ list.
  2. Google Drive: It provides excellent collaborative office suite functionality, part productivity suit and part syncing, and online storage.
  3. One Drive: OneDrive is the default online storage and syncing service for Windows 10 and Office 365. It provides many powerful features and apps for most of the platforms.
  4. iCloud Drive: Cloud file syncing service is an excellent service of Apple’s iCloud Drive.
  5. Dropbox: Using Dropbox file-syncing and storage service is very easy, reliable and feature enriched. It also supports real-time document collaboration. But it’s expensive, which is the biggest downside of Dropbox.

 How We Reached This Conclusion

In order to choose the top-5 online file storage service providers, we conducted tests on around three dozen providers. We compiled their lists of software solutions and thereafter did comprehensive Internet research. Furthermore, we referred several good quality articles and honest reviews (we eliminated those reviews that seemed biased), cut up user guides, and applied the different set of changes in the settings.


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