Top 5 Cloud Storage Providers Of 2017

With space coming at a premium in most leading business centers, companies are now turning to the cloud to store their bulky data that’s growing in volume at a rapid pace. Choosing online data storage solutions has become imperative for fast-growing businesses so that they can operate their business within their budget.

To get the best from your investment in cloud storage solutions, you must choose the right service provider in this domain. There are many companies offering cloud storage facilities but the quality of service varies vastly.

This list of the top five cloud storage providers of 2017 can ease your job of searching for the best cloud storage service.


DataBaGG is undoubtedly the best in cloud storage solutions which is evident from their large and growing database of customers. You can download the application for free and get 5GB free storage space to begin your cloud storage. Uploading of data is easy and quick. The uploaded data can be edited from any device. You can also share data easily with one click. When you choose DataBaGG for storage of data, you can be sure of high security and round the clock support.


CloudOYE is a company that you can trust implicitly for secure and efficient storage of all your files and documents. Some of the features that put CloudOYE ahead of others in terms of ranking are index and search integration and global storage congregation. Data can be easily accessed. In case of any unexpected failure, data can be quickly retrieved and restored.


Go4hosting offers world class cloud storage solutions and that too at a very affordable price. The simple control panel allows easy storage and access to files. Go4hosting has a global presence with strategically located CDNs. This helps deliver data at impressive speeds. High security is one of the highlighting features of Go4hosting. With this service, you can be sure that the integrity of your data remains intact.


ComputeHost has become a prominent name in the cloud storage solutions domain today. The company servers the storage needs of more than 10,000 businesses from across diverse sectors today, worldwide. The cloud data storage service is powered by innovative and cutting-edge technologies. Innovation is at the core of all the cloud storage solutions offered by ComputeHost. The company has also entered into strategic business partnerships with many top CDN services to enhance the quality of features and solutions they offer to clients.

Sugar Sync:

SugarSync is another top name in cloud storage. Your data is backed up automatically and you can also access your folders anytime and from anywhere. Data can be shared securely. A unique feature is the ability to wipe or remove your data if needed remotely.

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